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My apologies, but no Video Report today as I've had a migraine since early this morning that I simply can't shake.

I'm on a 748-692-30 roll with comp plays the past 848 days, including 20-12-1 with the last 33, heading into tonight's selection on N.C. State (-5) at home against Boston College.

When I handicapped and researched this game originally at 4:00 am eastern this morning the Wolfpack were -8 1/2. As I post this play 12 hours later the line is -5 and I have absolutely no idea why as my search of injury reports and the local papers has revealed nothing that I didn't already know. 

N.C. State, seeking its first Big Dance invite since 2015, returns home following a road sweep of Syracuse and Wake Forest. At 18-9 overall and 8-6 in the ACC, the Wolfpack play three of their next four games in Raleigh where they're 4-2 on the season in conference action with wins against Duke, Clemson, Notre Dame and Wake Forest and losses to North Carolina and Miami.

Not bad for a team that little was expected of this season.

Boston College, fresh off an 84-67 home loss to Notre Dame, had been 0-5 on the ACC highway before handing Pitt its 14th straight loss in its last conference roadie. 

N.C. State was my second favorite play on today's card behind my Top-Rated 15 Dimer on Kentucky at Arkansas. I liked the Wolfpack at -8 1/2. I love them at -5....barring any unforeseen injury or circumstance I'm simply not aware of. So buyer beware, but N.C. State it is.



10 of 15 Winning Football Seasons

(NFL & College Combined)


229-181-13 NFL Roll
past five years combined
(FYI - 99% of my plays are rated between 5 and 15 dimes)

with highest rated 30 Dime NFL releases
past 7 years combined

115-83-8 Run
with NFL 15 Dimers past seven seasons


Biggest NBA Plays Since 2009


15 Dime Releases


106-81-3 Record


Payment Types

Top-Rated 15 Dime Winner # 13 of 17

Kentucky at Arkansas

Matches last night's 15 Dimer on 
Cleveland State covering at Wright State

Matches Sunday's 15 Dimer on
Loyola-Chicago over Evansville

Matches two Sunday's ago 15 Dimer on
Cincinnati over SMU 

Matches two Friday's ago 15 Dimer on 
Rhode Island over Davidson

Matches two Wednesday's ago 15 Dimer on 
Texas Tech over Iowa State

Matches my 15 Dime Super Bowl Winner on Philly

Fresh off Saturday's 22nd Ever Raise the Bar
20 Dime College Basketball Play in 15 Years
on Middle Tennessee State (-3) over La Tech 87-70

Winning Day # 23 of 32
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Followed Saturday's Raise the Bar 20 Dime College Lock on Middle Tennessee State (-3) over Louisiana Tech 87-70 with Top-Rated 15 Dime Winner # 11 of 15 on Loyola-Chicago (-5') by 10 at Evansville on Sunday. I then capped another winning week with Monday's 15 Dime Winner # 12 of 16 o Cleveland State (+13
) with the easy road cover at Wright State in a nine-point loss. 

I've now won 22 of 31 Days overall, including nine of the past 11.

Opening a new betting week with Top-Rated 15 Dime Winner # 13 of 17 on Kentucky at Arkansas.

It matches my previous 15 Dime Winners on Cleveland State last night, Loyola-Chicago over Evansville on Sunday Cincinnati (-8) in a 25-point road blowout of injury-riddled SMU the previous Sunday, Rhode Island (-6') in a 13-point home rout of Davidson two Fridays ago and Texas Tech (-14) in a 76-58 victory over Iowa State two Wednesdays back.

This play also matches my 15 Dimer on the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

As for the comp plays, I'm on a 748-692-30 roll the past 848 days, including 20-12-1 L/33, despite losing Monday's play on Northern Kentucky-Youngstown State Over the Total.

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Al DeMarco's Rating System

Over the 25 years I've been doing this, one of the biggest misconceptions I've encountered from customers is their belief that winningpercentageactually matters in this business. Bottom line is that a straight-up winning percentage means absolutely nothing when your handicapper - such as myself - releases rated selections. Read further and you'll understand why.


I use the "dime" rating system, going in 5 dime increments, generally keeping those plays between 5 and 50 dimes. Yes, that's a wide range, but truth be told, I usually max out around 30 dimes, rarely venturing into the rarefied air toward 50 dimes unless I've built a substantial bankroll. Doing anything different would be irresponsible bankroll management on my part and a total disservice toward you, my clients.


I like to keep it simple from a money-management system so my customers can always know exactly how they should beallocatingtheir bankroll in proportion to the rating I assign to a selection.


Obviously, a 50 Dime play is five times stronger than a 10 Dime release and twice as strong as a 25 Dime pick.


And each day when you see my compiling or mentioning my NET profit figures, keep in mind I've computing them based on the following formula:


Net Profit = Wins - Losses- Vig


Of course let's not forget my golden rule of gambling: Never bet more than you can afford to lose. No rating system - including mine - is effective unless you pay attention to that rule. By heeding my advice you can never fall into a financial abyss from which there is no escape.


A question gamblers always pose is "How much should I be playing?" Obviously, there is no set, firm answer, but my advice would be to follow my money management system and base the size of your wagers on a percentage of your total bankroll.


Let me explain further...


Take your total bankroll - the amount you can afford to lose in an absolute worst case scenario on a single day. Let's say it's $400 on a college football Saturday. And on that Saturday I release a 50 Dime play and two 20 Dime picks.


Let's do some quick math...I've got atotalof 90 dimes of action on the table (one 50 dime play and two 20 dimers).  You've got amaximum one-day bankrollof $400. Simply divide the $400 by the 90 dimes and you've got a per dime wager of $4.44.


Now it's time for some simple multiplication. If a dime is worth $4.44, my 50 Dime rated release equals approximately a $222 wager on your part. And my two 20 Dime rates picks equal approximately $88.88 wagers each. Add everything back up and you've got your initial $400 bankroll all over again.


This obviously all applies to a single wagering day. It's up to you to figure out how to allocate your bankroll over the course of a week or month.


Now, back to how inconsequential winning percentages can be: Let's say I have a 50 Dime play and three 10 Dime releases on an NFL Sunday. If I win the 50 Dime play and go 0-3 with the 10 Dime releases, my overall record is a dismal 1-3 but my net profit is a healthy 17 dimes. Conversely, let's say I lose the 50 Dime play and go 3-0 with the 10 Dime releases. My overall record is an impressive 3-1, but my net profit is a negative -25 dimes.


Which would you prefer, the losing record and winning day, or the winning record or losing day?


Believe what you want, but I'm telling you the truth: Winning percentage means nothing in this business as the above illustration will prove time and time again. Of course, crafty salesmen masquerading as handicappers can spin gold using the second scenario, but I feel it's my job to educate you about what is the TRUTH in this business - whether you become my customer or not.

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Thursday, February 22nd
7:05 PM
551 Brooklyn
552 Charlotte
7:05 PM
553 New York
554 Orlando
8:05 PM
555 Washington
556 Cleveland
8:05 PM
557 Philadelphia
558 Chicago
10:05 PM
559 Oklahoma City
560 Sacramento
10:35 PM
561 La Clippers
562 Golden State
Friday, February 23rd
7:05 PM
801 Boston
802 Detroit
7:05 PM
803 Atlanta
804 Indiana
7:05 PM
805 Charlotte
806 Washington
7:35 PM
807 Milwaukee
808 Toronto
8:05 PM
809 Miami
810 New Orleans
8:05 PM
811 Cleveland
812 Memphis
8:05 PM
813 Minnesota
814 Houston
9:05 PM
815 San Antonio
816 Denver
9:05 PM
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818 Utah
9:05 PM
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