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Who is Gabriel Dupont?

I originally hail from Chateauguay, a small suburb of Montreal in southwestern Quebec. Like any Canadian, I love hockey. 

I got my break in this business from a small sports service based in Toronto back in 2008. Through contacts I made there, I eventually left Canada and moved to Henderson, Nevada (right outside of Vegas) in 2011 and opened my own online website to sell my picks. Unfortunately, going it alone in this business is damn near impossible. Even with big money to promote yourself it's almost like being a needle in a haystack; potential customers just can't find you.

Two frustrating years of trying to build a business left me seeking an affiliation with an online company. I ruled out any that used the internet as a way to simply funnel customers to their telephone service. That's what most of the guys here in Vegas do. They suck in gamblers with offers of free picks and get them to leave their personal information so their phone room operators can call them back and hit them up.

Sorry, but that's not for me. I've seen first-hand how these guys operate, promising the world - for a hefty, hefty price - and delivering nothing.

For me, the path to this business was getting myself aligned with an online site. So after meeting with Chris Jordan, who I had met back in 2011, and seeing what a first-class operation he's affiliated with, I chose this one after following it for years and finally meeting the right people involved. After meeting with the CEO, I received an invitation to become a member.

What I can promise you is that I will put in the time handicapping games. To me, exhaustive research is the key to producing profit.

What I will NOT promise you is that I will always win. You're not that stupid to fall for such BS and we both know no one wins all the time. But I'm a big believer that hard work and in-depth preparation will produce long-term profit that makes us both money and that's what counts as the true bottom line.