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Tuesday, 3/5 - 75 Dime - Michigan State - Win

Monday, 3/4 - 100 Dime - Texas - Loss

Sunday, 3/3 - 50 Dime - Michigan-Maryland Under - Loss

Saturday, 3/2 - 100 Dime - Florida - Loss

Friday, 3/1 - 100 Dime - Kings - Loss

Thursday, 2/28 - 100 Dime - Michigan - Win

Wednesday, 2/27 - 50 Dime - Georgetown - Win

Tuesday, 2/26 - 75 Dime - Buffalo Loss

Monday, 2/25 - 100 Dime - Oklahoma - Loss

Sunday, 2/24 - 100 Dime - Rutgers - Win

Saturday, 2/23 - 100 Dime - Texas Tech - Win

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Who is Ray Chadwick?

I'm not one of these guys who spent years hanging out in smoke-filled, Vegas sportsbooks, talking about bad beats and big wins from the 90s with guys old enough to be my grandfather.

I'm your typical  millennial who got hooked on sports betting by playing fantasy sports, something I got started doing when I was 13. Football, basketball, baseball, I was hooked. By the time I was 17 I was playing in multiple DFS and annual leagues.

You know as well as I do that to be successful in fantasy sports it's all about research; you can't be a casual player because the sharks eat the guppies. But it didn't take me long to realize that there are no "winners" in fantasy because the odds are stacked against you. And that ultimately led me away from fantasy leagues to sports betting where all my exhaustive, daily research gave me 50-50 betting odds on every game wagered on instead of some whack numbers in fantasy leagues where guys are running sophisticated computer programs and often playing hundreds of games thereby reducing my opportunities to win.

I don't touch fantasy sports now; it's a waste of time. I've been looking for a home to release my daily picks for the first time and I've found it here.