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New England at CHICAGO (49')

By Chris Jordan, Featured Handicapper

I've won 29 of the last 51 days, but I've lost seven of the last eight nights.

The Los Angeles Dodgers failed me last night, and I failed you.

There will be no more failures. The losing ends today.

Time to raise the stakes and make some money with the easiest play on the card, a game that will feature a 4-touchdown blowout. There will be nothing easier than this game tonight.

Look, my players will continue to win, because this is what I do this time of the year, week after week, month after month, year after year - not just one game.
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Forget about the $51 grand I've made you the past year and a half. Forget about the winning in college football the last few seasons.

The here and now. This week. Tonight. Let's make some money!

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My free play in the NFL for Week 7 is going to be the Over in the Interconference game between the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears.

This won't take long, as I'm on a conspiracy kick for this one. The New England Patriots are heading into dangerous territory to face the defensive minded Chicago Bears, with Khalil Mack leading the charge, and the number is 49 points.


Because the oddsmakers know this number is going to soar.

The Patriots, who have gone high in half their games this season, have shown they can keep out of the end zone just one time, in a 38-7 win against Miami. Toss that game out and they've allowed 20, 31, 26, 24 and 40 points. They come to Chicago after a short week - they played at home on Sunday night versus Kansas City - and face a hungry Bears team that is fully capable offensively.

That will leave Tom Brady to answer the call when his team needs him most.

The Bears, meanwhile, have gone over in their last two games, scoring 48 points against Tampa Bay, then allowing 31 in a three-point loss in Miami... the same Dolphins team the Pats held to 7 points.

Weird game, but the oddsmakers nailed it. This one goes high.

1* OVER Patriots-Bears

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